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If you need money for your business, then this is a great day for you!

If you need working capital, debt restructuring, more customers and more profits, you need to watch this short video to the very end because I have powerful life-changing resources for you and your business.

Hi. I’m Ed Keels, founder, President & CEO of Beyond Breakeven, Inc. Since 2003 we have been providing money resources for businesses acquisitions, growth and survival. It’s the survival part that I want to talk about here. 

The life of a business owner can be a very lonely one, especially today when we are feeling not only alone, but also downright forgotten about and abandoned. If you are a small business owner like me, then you are more than a little scared and pissed off.

Our banks that we have been loyal to for years are not there for us. Not lending, and in fact even cutting our lines of credit or freezing those lines. We are left wondering where do you turn?

Our accountants can’t help. They file tax returns. The Chamber of Commerce is full of members that are all in the same situation and don’t know what to do either. Our attorneys can’t help unless we are ready to file for bankruptcy.

Grants are BS. There is a reason why millions of dollars of grant money goes unclaimed every year. You have to be the right size, shape, color, religion, and be standing in a hailstorm during a stampede of zebras to qualify.

The government programs are too little, too late and almost impossible to qualify for. And, now the banks don’t want to take the government money because to do so means that they can’t pay out big bonuses to upper management. In fact, the situation is so messed up that of all the government money that was made available to banks, for the banks to lend to us small business owners, 1/3 of it remains unclaimed. The banks won’t take it, so we don’t get it.

Our economy is in the toilet. And, our current economy is not like it was years ago and based on the auto industry and Walmart-type operations. Eighty percent of American business is small business. That’s you and me!

And, it scares the hell out of me that there is no cavalry coming to the rescue.  Everywhere we turn for a hand up, not a hand out…we hear “NO.” There will be no economic turnaround just because the government funds another stimulus program. Did you get any of the billions of dollars of the first round of stimulus money? I know I didn’t.

We cannot afford to wait for help. Remember hurricane Katrina? Help came not from agencies like the Red Cross and not from our government. It came from individuals like you and me.

The salvation of our businesses is absolutely critical to our economy and our personal survival. That is why I have done what we entrepreneurs have always done. Stepped up and solved problems. That’s what we business owners do. We innovate, we invent, and we create.

The first challenge was to identify our problems and craft solutions.

To survive and thrive we all need…

  • • access to money for our business,
  • • maybe some debt restructuring for some breathing room,
  • • certainly we could all use more customers and more profits.


That’s what I have for you. Even if you have killed your personal credit, even if your business is behind on paying its bills and is in debt fifty, eighty or hundred thousand dollars and you’re just hanging on for dear life, I have your lifeline.

The second issue was the results had to come quickly since most of us needed these resources a long time ago. So, I put every powerful resource that my company has into a one-day problem solving live experience.


In the 24 Hour Business Recovery Plan…

  • • Through analysis and profit engineering we will create more cash flow for your business.
  • • Through low and no cost proven advertising strategies, we will attract more customers and more cash flow for your business.
  • • And, lastly, even though you can’t borrow your way to wealth, but really need to borrow some money, you will be able to do so even with personal or business credit problems.

The third issue was I needed these resources to be provided by me personally so that I could tailor my help to your individual needs and provide complete and powerful help. So, to provide answers to every question and resources for every challenge that you may have, I will be your personal mentor for the entire day.


Lastly, it had to be affordable.  So for your benefit…I have secured some corporate sponsors. You see I’m a smart and generous guy. These sponsors have provided scholarships that will reduce the registration cost from $1,499.00, down to $499.00. The scholarships are limited and awarded to those who are decisive and get them first. Don’t hesitate and you can spend a day with me fixing all of your business problems, and do so for $499 bucks.

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If you are a business owner and tired of going it alone, hearing “NO” and getting absolutely no help, and worry about how you will survive, then you owe it to yourself and your family to spend 10 hours of your time to turn it all around.

Don’t wait for the help to come to you. It’s not coming. If you have an “I will not be denied attitude,” then take action, step up, help yourself and your family.  Spend one day with me as your personal mentor and I promise you your problems will be fixed.

In fact, I am so confident that the resources I will share with you will change your life forever and for the better, that if for any reason after you have spent the entire day with me you feel that it was a waste of your time, I’ll write you a refund check on the spot.

If I can’t help you, then there absolutely is no help for you. And, I wouldn’t want to take your money, money that you are going to need to pay your bankruptcy attorney.

fedex logoThroughout the day you will learn how to and how important it is to look at things differently. For example, when you look at the Federal Express logo, do you see the words FedEx or do you see the arrow between the “E” and the “X” that points to the right? While it was there all the time and you didn’t even recognize it, once you are made aware of it, you can’t help but see it. During our one-day event you will, many times, be made aware of things that you didn’t see before. And, just one of those things could change you forever. Countless numbers of times the power of one small idea has made the difference between success and failure.

I love the story that Harvey McKay tells in his book “Swim with The Sharks” about his envelope company. He was at an envelope manufacturers’ meeting with other business owners who were all complaining about their low profitability, when one guy commented that sometimes he didn’t think he would make any profit at all if it weren’t for the ability to sell the waste. And, Harvey said, “You can sell the waste?” One small idea can make a big difference and during the day you will be buried in big and small ideas.

Now, I know from the experience of speaking with thousands of entrepreneurs that most think that if they could just borrow a little money to get them through, then everything will be okay. But, you cannot borrow your way to prosperity! The reason why a business finds itself in trouble always has to do with not enough profit. And there are many aspects of a business operation that all contribute to the end result of insufficient cash flow.

If you borrow money to band-aid your way through without fixing the cash flow problem, then you will only wind up deeper in debt. That is why I’ll be exposing not only the secrets to getting business loans today, but also how to squeeze maximum profits out of your current business and generate more spendable cash.

The really great news is you do not have to be a CPA or bookkeeper to understand your business numbers and how to get more cash flow. Most business owners’ idea of accounting is “Hey I made this stack of money. Would someone please write out a deposit slip? Put it in column A or column B, it really doesn’t matter to me because however you account for it, it will not make it worth any more.” I totally understand that most of us are extroverted, outgoing business owner personalities and we find accounting to be a real snooze. That is why I have designed business tools just for people that are “non-financial” kind of business owners. That way, you don’t have to be a “bean counter” to be able to squeeze maximum profits out of your current business and generate more spendable cash.

In this one day you are not only going to learn how to:

  • • access money for your business,
  • • restructure business debt for some breathing room,
  • • get more customers and more profits,

you will also get to meet other attendees, some of whom might just be your new partner, customer, supplier or joint venture partner, or you may simply make a business friend who knows what you’re going through.

In fact, to give you a chance to network at the end of the day, I’m hosting an open bar cocktail party, where the drinks are on me.

Don’t let this chance to make your life easier and better slip by you. Fix your business and you will start to have some fun again. I have pulled out all of the stops to make sure that this day will deliver powerful results quickly and affordably. There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything for you to gain.

Because I am so confident that the resources I will share with you will change your life forever and for the better, if for any reason after you have spent the entire day with me you feel that it was a waste of your time, I’ll write you a 100% refund check on the spot.

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Since this is a no-brainer, why haven’t you registered yet? What’s left to think about? It’s a simple decision. Just ask yourself which choice will cause you more pain?

  • • Spend the $499, invest the time and improve your cash position or…
  • • Keep the money and continue on without improving anything?

You know Einstein defined insanity as “Doing the same thing and expecting a different result.” Will you keep doing the same thing or take a step toward change?

Help is not coming…it’s here for the taking. Help yourself and your family. Do it now. Come spend a day with me and change your life forever. I have poured all of my personal and company resources into this program so that you can get the help you deserve.

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before someone else claims your scholarship. Or, even worse…someone else books your seat.


Do it now!