Discover How to Buy a Business with Little to None of Your Own Money!

Learn how you can get 100% funding to buy a business. Not like real estate investing or stock trading, but the business of your dreams — like a coffee shop, hair salon, spa, retail store, auto shop, liquor store, restaurant, sports bar, etc.


Business Acquisition Loans

Business acquisitions are often treated like real estate purchases by prospective entrepreneurs, much to their detriment. The process of purchasing a business and acquiring business acquisition financing are quite different from buying real estate and getting a home mortgage. Savvy businessmen and women will learn the difference and use it to their advantage.

Unlike real estate purchases, where consumers can compare prices on homes from publically available records, determining the value of a business isn’t a straightforward process. When a business is sold, that transaction is recorded nowhere. Hence, there is no database of recent business sales or comparable transactions or “comps” to judge the offer against.

The true value of a business isn’t in its property or equipment, but rather in its net operating profit, (NOP). No one gets excited about buying hard assets that are depreciating right before their eyes. It’s all about the cash or the NOP. When you purchase a business, what you’re really buying is its ability to generate cash flow. The accurate amount of cash flow can only be determined by a business valuation. When done in combination with some forensic accounting, it will determine the useful value of the assets included in the offering, combined with a factor of multiples of earning of the actual NOP. For entrepreneurs looking to make a business acquisition, a business valuation is essential.

Also, in real estate transactions, the process is adversarial. The buyer will attempt to get the lowest possible price from the seller, while the seller will try to extract the maximum from the buyer. Successful business acquisition deals are more collaborative, as the seller’s participation in getting business acquisition financing is critical. Sellers almost always must finance part of the transaction themselves, keeping them connected to the company for years.

Having a go-between that can help you evaluate the value of a business you want to purchase, and negotiate with the buyer to set a price and terms for the purchase that pleases both parties, can greatly expedite the business acquisition process. By having an adviser experienced in acquisitions in your corner, you can ensure you get the best deal possible and a win-win situation for yourself and the current owner of the business you hope to purchase.

Beyond Breakeven, Inc. can assist entrepreneurs seeking to purchase a business by conducting business valuations, forensic accounting and due diligence to ensure that the books have not been cooked and that the business they are considering purchasing is a worthwhile investment. Beyond Breakeven, Inc. can also provide a deal structure and funding sources that do not require down payments, collateral or previous business ownership experience while most often times providing 100% of the funding needed.