Discover How to Buy a Business with Little to None of Your Own Money!

Learn how you can get 100% funding to buy a business. Not like real estate investing or stock trading, but the business of your dreams — like a coffee shop, hair salon, spa, retail store, auto shop, liquor store, restaurant, sports bar, etc.


Business Credit Loan

Business lines of credit (BLOC’s) are lines of credit which small businesses obtain that allow them to make needed purchases for any business purpose. These revolving lines are put and take accounts that allow small business owners the flexibility to make purchases as needed, make payments, then borrow again, without applying for credit multiple times.

Business lines of credit for small businesses work well as part of an overall corporate credit building program. Small businesses that responsibly use and repay them can build up credit for later needs. Also, a business credit loan is unsecured, meaning you don’t have to put up property as collateral. Business credit lines allow you to only borrow what you need when you need it, and do so with the option to make payments of any amount including that of only interest.

These loans can be fiendishly difficult to obtain, due to the potential borrowers lack of understanding of the loan qualifiers.  Even after being in business for some years, most small businesses are turned down when they apply of a business line of credit.  The reason for the loan denial is usually due to one, if not all three of these reasons.

  1. The business may be missing some issue of compliance.  There are six different things that companies have to do to be considered a real company, rather than just a hobby.  Missing any one of these issues, like not having a business license or phone number published with 411, may result in a loan request denial.
  2. The business may not have a credit score. Most entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses out of their own resources, never putting anything in the name of the business.  So, even after many years in business there is no credit history and hence no business credit score.  No score, usually means no or very low limit loan approval.
  3. The principle of the business that will be acting as the business loan guarantor has weak personal credit scores.
Business lines of credit can be an awesome part of an overall funding strategy as the lines are unsecured, meaning there is no collateral required to back the loans.  Because these are signature only loans, a business can secure two or twenty-two lines from different sources.  But, the amount of the lines and the number of lines for which a business may be approved will depend on the company’s level of compliance and business credit score, along with the credit score of the guarantor.

Beyond Breakeven, Inc. can help connect small business entrepreneurs with sources of financing to start or buy a business. For over a decade the company has been providing clients with corporate credit building plans and resources that most often times provide 100% of the funding needed to buy, start up or grow a business.