Discover How to Buy a Business with Little to None of Your Own Money!

Learn how you can get 100% funding to buy a business. Not like real estate investing or stock trading, but the business of your dreams — like a coffee shop, hair salon, spa, retail store, auto shop, liquor store, restaurant, sports bar, etc.


Business Financing

Finding financing for buying or starting a small business can be extremely difficult. While banks seem like they would be the obvious source of small business financing, the truth is that they do only a fraction of all small business lending and do so with an SBA guaranteed loan. About 93 percent (93%) of all business financing for small businesses has historically come from other sources.

Beyond Breakeven, Inc. understands the hurdles entrepreneurs face in finding funding for new ventures or business acquisitions. We can help business owners get around the obstacles put up by banks to find the funding sources they need to successfully start a new business.

To get a small business loan from the bank, you’ll need to meet a variety of requirements, often including a 20 percent (20%) or more down payment. If you’re buying an existing business, you may need to get the owner to agree to finance part of the purchase and the bank will also base financing on the business’ financial statements.

Even if you are able to obtain small business financing from a bank, you won’t get all of the funding you need from that source. Small business start-ups and acquisitions typically require funding from a variety of sources. The following are some funding sources commonly explored by entrepreneurs seeking business financing.

Grants – While grants have the benefit of being money you don’t have to repay, they often are insufficient to cover all your needs. They may also come with strings attached from the agency awarding the grant. Securing grants is difficult and one also has to be in the right place at the right time with the right project. That rarely happens which is why millions of grant dollars, every year, are never awarded.

Business lines of credit – BLOCs can be difficult to obtain due to the potential borrower’s lack of understanding of the approval qualifiers.

Private investors – Deals with private investors are often structured to award the investor the fruits of your labor if your venture is successful. Private investors also often butt in to the operation of the business more than the entrepreneur would like. Should the investors collectively own controlling interest, they can make decisions regarding future policies, procedures and staffing. In many cases that may mean firing the highest paid employee, the founder of the company.

Money brokers – Money brokers can help find you financing, but their help often comes with a steep cost – 10 percent (10%) or more of the amount of financing secured. This is an expensive and many times unacceptable option for most new business owners seeking to start a new venture.

Non-SBA funding can provide a superior funding alternatives The best of these alternatives require no down payments, collateral or income documentation and are revolving lines of credit, meaning they are put and take accounts that can be used, partially paid back and used again up to the amount of the credit limit.

Understanding the vast methods of funding that are available to small business owners or wannabe owners, will greatly increase the likelihood of obtaining all of the funding a business requires. Most people never think to go to more than one source for their funding. The stacking of multiple funding sources is a powerful tool that Beyond Breakeven, Inc. has perfected.

The company can help connect small business entrepreneurs with sources of financing to start or buy a business. For over a decade Beyond Breakeven, Inc. has provided clients with corporate credit building plans and resources that most often times result in 100% of the funding needed to buy, start up or grow a business.