Discover How to Buy a Business with Little to None of Your Own Money!

Learn how you can get 100% funding to buy a business. Not like real estate investing or stock trading, but the business of your dreams — like a coffee shop, hair salon, spa, retail store, auto shop, liquor store, restaurant, sports bar, etc.


Buy A Business

Buying a small business is an exciting venture that can provide you with the lifestyle and standard of living you’ve always wanted. It’s a chance to live your dreams, pursue your passions and be the master of your own fate. Getting the early steps right, including knowing how to buy a business, is essential to realizing these dreams. The following steps can help you purchase a business the right way, avoiding expensive pitfalls.

One of the most important things you can do when buying a small business is to conduct a business valuation of the business you plan to purchase. A business valuation will examine the business’s financials and determine whether it’s worth buying. Without a business valuation, you have no true means of determining whether you’re being offered a fair price for the company.

When you purchase a business, what you’re really purchasing is its cash flow. The only way you can truly determine the value of a business is by having a professional valuator review its financials to get a true estimate of the business’ ability to generate sufficient revenue to fund its acquisition, cover tax liability and leave a reasonable profit.

When purchasing a small business, gaining the support of the business owner is essential. It’s more than just getting the owner to sell to you. In many cases, you’ll need the business owner to finance part of the sale, as many lenders require this – even banks offering Small Business Administration loans. Seeking a win-win solution for you and the owner is essential to buying a business.

When seeking financing for buying a business, the financial health of the business – not your credit – will be lenders’ first and foremost consideration. Businesses that lower their profit by writing off lots of expenses will not look as attractive to lenders as businesses with larger profits, even if those tax tactics result in substantial sums in the owner’s pocket. Sellers who post better profits will receive higher seller prices while also improving the likelihood of buyers being able to obtain financing from the bank.

Beyond Breakeven, Inc. can help guide you through the process of buying a business, conducting valuations and assisting you and the seller iron out terms and securing financing for the deal.  For over a decade the company, as savvy business acquisition dealmakers, has provided clients with deal structures and funding sources that do not require down payments, collateral or previous business ownership experience while most often times providing 100% of the funding needed.